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What are we? Alaska’s classical music radio station.


Classical? Are you serious? Yes. And we must be good at it. We’ve been on the air since 1988!


Who listens? Lots of people! We get such a large audience. We’re not the most listened to station in Alaska, but we are far from the least.


Target Demo? We aim primarily at people between 35 and 54 but have significant listening in all age groups. In most age groups, we have slightly more women than men who listen.


Coverage? Anchorage, Eagle River, Wasilla, Big Lake, and streaming world-wide online.


Awards? After 29 years we have won so many awards we have quit entering contests. But those we have won include the “Marconi” from the National Association of Broadcasters, a place in the Alaska Broadcaster’s “Hall of Fame,” a “Governor’s Award” from the Alaska State Council on the Arts, “Bonnie’s,” “Goldies,” and “Silver Microphones.” 

Rick Goodfellow

Yep, it really is Rick Goodfellow: owner, founder, and general manager of KLEF, one of the nation’s few commercial radio stations which programs all classical music. He got his start at KINY in Juneau, Alaska. At the beginning, he did part time work there during his high school years for the princely sum of $2 an hour. Rick attended Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon, and ran the Sitka Summer Music Festival, serving as its first administrator.


Since then, he has moved to Anchorage, launched KLEF in 1988 with his amazing wife Dr. Jan Ingram, and even started the Ghost Tours of Anchorage in recent years. Even as classical music stations across the country are becoming extinct, Rick is not getting discouraged. His passion is radio, and we are working with him to keep classical music on the air for our loyal listeners in Anchorage and across the world online. Rick is also active with various UAA advisory boards and involved in the Anchorage East Rotary.

Jon Sharpe

Jon Sharpe is the voice talent and host of Sacred Concert on Sunday mornings. Make sure to check out the On Air page to see his upcoming programming! Not only does he have a great voice, but he is interesting to listen to. We love having him on our Sundays mornings! 

Kathy Phillips

It's never a mundane day when Kathy Phillips comes in to record. She's the source of that wondrous voice you hear at the beginning of most breaks here on KLEF.  We love Kathy!

Natasha Price

Natasha is one of our Voice Talent people. We like having her around because she is extremely talented and keeps us from getting tired of hearing Rick all the time! 

Cathy Arns

Cathy has the vital job of being the General Accounting / Payroll guru. Without her expertise, we would not have a station! She handles the money, and even with the tight budget we have at KLEF, she keeps us operational. Couldn't be here without Cathy! 


Rick Goodfellow
Dr. Jan Ingram-Goodfellow

Jan Goodfellow, co-owner of KLEF, works alongside her husband to bring classical music to the world. As one of the voices you frequently hear on the air, she is the Children's Programming Director and the talent behind KLEF Notes. 


Beyond KLEF, she also assists Rick with the Ghost Tours of Anchorage that runs six days a week from May to September. It has become one of the most sought after tours for tourists and locals alike, appealing to the history buffs and paranormal seekers. She is also a fantastic artist. Among other things, she has been very influential in the Anchorage International Rotary Club. It is rare to find a women so talented! 

Katrina Grimwood

Katrina is our Graphic / Web Designer. She started working for KLEF while attending the University of Alaska Anchorage, as the Promotions Director / Web Assistant / In-house Graphic Designer. She has since moved to Nashville, Tennessee, but still loves getting to work for KLEF on the digital side of things. Getting to be creative is her greatest joy in life, and we are happy that she gets to put her talents to use here at KLEF. 


When she is not updating the KLEF or Ghost Tours of Anchorage website, she enjoys traveling. Although, she is quick to tell you that she misses Anchorage terribly! We miss having her in Anchorage, but if you ever need her, she is just an email or phone call away. 

Cyn City

Our newest member to the KLEF team is Cyn City! As our newest voice, we are sure you are going to love her! She is not only talented, but quite possible the most outgoing and energetic person you will ever met. You can't help but smile when she's around. Welcome to the team, Cyn!

Michael Jungreis

Michael is not only the host of Saturday Night at the Opera, but he also has a passion for the opera that radiates through the airwaves. You can't help but love the Opera too! But you may not know that he is also an excellent speller. 

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